Up Coming Similan Snorkeling Season Antics

Fixing the Similan snorkel liveaboard Khao Lak Thailand

Up Coming Similan Snorkeling Season Antics

We are very excited about the fast approaching high season here in the new Andaman Snorkel Discovery Office and really looking forward to getting out on some Similan snorkeling trips. While the last few drops of low season are falling from the sky outside, I am busy getting schedules, e-mails and all other admin tasks organised in the office.

Fixing the Similan snorkel liveaboard Khao Lak Thailand

At last we see a photo of Eike on the boat

It has been an interesting low season, we have been very busy improving Andaman Snorkel Discovery in many different ways. We have also been ambushed by a few unexpected tasks that caught us by surprise.

Similan Snorkeling Liveaboard Refurbishments

The MV Reggae Queen is currently in dry dock under going her annual refit. While being put through our thorough inspection, Ralf noticed some rotten wood that needed replacing on the boat. After a closer look it become apparent that quite a lot of wood on the Reggae Queen snorkeling liveaboard had to be refurbished.

Fixing the Similan snorkel liveaboard Khao Lak Thailand

Repairs to the deck

This was not an expected (or budgeted!) item on the “To Do” List. However, this new refit has been a necessary safety improvement to continue our legacy of being the best Similan snorkeling liveaboard in Khao Lak. It also keeps Ralf busy and doing what he loves best, putting his efforts into our lovely boat.

ASD Website Re-Vamp

We have also been busy re-vamping the website. As you might have noticed we have upgraded the site. It is still user friendly and informative, but we have now added some new features such as:


In the future there will also be more information on here about Khao Lak Resorts and restaurants. Andaman Snorkel Discovery online is now your one stop shop to find out everything you need to know about our Similan snorkeling liveboards and how to book.

Phang Nga Bay Liveaboard

As well as the new website we also have a new trip. The MS Marmin is a Phang Nga Bay liveaboard boat visiting all the best snorkel spots that the bay has to offer.

Phang Nga snorkel trip - an alternative to a similan snorkeling liveaboard

The MS Marmin – A Beautiful Phang Nga Bay Liveaboard

These include Phi Phi, Koh Yao Noi and Maya Bay. The MS Marmin fits in with our Andaman Snorkel Discovery philosophy of always providing fun, relaxing and interesting liveaboard trips, so contact us now if you are looking for an alternative to a Similan snorkeling trip.

Be a Pirate on a Similan Snorkeling Liveaboard

Another addition to Andaman Snorkel Discovery are our wonderful new T-shirts. We hope that the new T-shirts capture the spirit of ASD. You can be a ‘Pirate of the Andaman Sea’ too by joining one of our Similan Snorkeling safaris with the original pirate of the Andaman, Ralf.

Andaman Snorkel Discovery pirate tee shirt

Our new pirate tee shirt design

If you can’t make it to Thailand this year but would still like to represent the pirate crew, you can contact us to purchase our new T-shirt.

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