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The Similan and Surin National parks provide the
most beautiful snorkeling opportunities in all of Thailand.

What better way to explore all the sites and sandy beaches than an Andaman Snorkeling Safari!

Close up of a turtle
Snorkel with me!


Andaman Snorkel Discovery has been operating Similan snorkeling liveaboards since June 2010. We are a friendly, fun loving and professional company providing an outstanding Similan snorkelling liveaboard unlike any other in Khao Lak. We pride ourselves on offering these unique experiences in the famous Similan Islands and are the only snorkel safari operator to visit the Surin Islands, home of the best Thailand snorkeling destinations.

A Similan snorkel liveaboard with us is an adventurous, amusing and chilled out cruise through the Andaman Sea.


On a three day three night snorkel liveaboard with Andaman Snorkel Discovery you will have a great time cruising through the Similan Islands, Koh Bon and Koh Tachai, exploring beautiful white sandy beaches and stunning underwater worlds.

The real highlight of the trip, however, is a visit to the Surin Islands, an area not visited by any other Similan snorkeling liveaboard from Khao Lak, Thailand. Here we will take you to some remote snorkel spots, some of which were discovered by the company owner, Ralf. We visit wonderful empty beaches, as we always plan our itineraries to avoid the crowds, and we give you a glimpse into the life of a Moken (sea gypsy) village. It’s these special and unique touches that make a Similan snorkel liveaboard with Andaman Snorkel Discovery an unforgettable Thailand snorkeling experience.

Moken Longtail Boat at the Surin Islands
The Surin Islands are the real highlight of our Snorkel Liveaboard
Reggae Queen starboard side
The MV Reggae Queen – Unique, relaxed and… FUN FUN FUN

NO NEED TO RUSH, Take it Easy on a Similan Snorkeling Liveaboard

Andaman Snorkel Discovery is owned and operated by Ralf  Schneider, a German who came to Khao Lak in 2006. With some of the best Thailand snorkeling sites on his doorstep, he established this Similan snorkel liveaboard company 10 years ago, and he is still very enthusiastic about heading out on every trip. His boat is the eye-catching Reggae Queen, a boat like no other in the Similan Islands.

Just like his personality, and indeed the boat’s own personality, his vision for the Reggae Queen is to provide relaxed and fun filled snorkeling liveaboards that visit the best secret Surin and Similan snorkel spots that the Andaman Sea has to offer. As we say in Thailand “Tam Sabai!” or as you will often hear on the boat:

Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright” Bob Marley


Similan Snorkel liveaboards on the Reggae Queen are renowned for their attentive crew, delicious Thai food, visiting the best secret snorkel spots, their zaney guides and evenings filled with laughter. What they are most known for, however, is the service that they offer. From the first e-mail to the time you step off the boat on the last day, you will be entirely looked after.

A Holiday from a holiday
A Similan Snorkeling liveaboard with Andaman Snorkel Discovery as described by one customer on

Group photo on Surin Beach
Happy guests on the beach at the Surin Islands

What kind of holiday could be better than that? If you fancy a holiday within a holiday…

Group photo on the deck of our snorkeling liveaboard
Ralf’s energy knows no bounds!


Ralf is the hands-on tour leader on the boat, making each trip that much more personal.

His presence on the Reggae Queen also ensures that every customer gets the most out of their Thailand snorkeling holiday and that everything runs smoothly.

It’s Ralf’s experience and love of these islands in the Andaman Sea that makes the trip truly special. He has adapted the itinerary to include some of the most interesting and yet undisturbed snorkel sites in the Surin Islands.

This is the key to what makes the trip so unique. Ralf is extremely passionate about his Surin and Similan Snorkeling liveaboards and also is a big part of what makes the trip so fun and enjoyable.

Your snorkel tour leader, Ralf
Ralf – Pirate of the Surin Islands


Ralf is a real hands on guy. He loves dirt bikes and can often be seen around town on his prized possession, his Harley. Back when he was living in Germany he used to take part in Dirt Bike competitions, these days it is just a hobby though. Given the opportunity he will still travel across the country to catch an event.

Ralf came to Khao Lak after the devestating 2004 Tsunami. He volunteered in this area of Thailand for a year, helping to build longtail boats in Cape Pakarang. After this he was the owner of O’Connor’s Irish Pub, a favourite meeting point for locals and tourists. Ralf’s entertaining character was a winning formula for the pub, and helped to make it one of the best bars in Khao Lak.

Ralf’s character and charitible nature have shaped a Similan snorkeling liveaboard with Andaman Snorkel Discoveries into what it is. His commitment to the Moken is honourable as he often takes second hand clothes and food to the village on Koh Surin. He will also lend a helping hand by offering free transfers from the Surin Islands to Kura Buri and will always use their longtail services to give back to the community when needed.