Snorkel Tour Map

Our Similan National Park and Surin Islands Snorkeling tour route

You can follow our Similan Snorkeling tour route on our interactive map. The map shows the ocean depth along the way.

You can also download the map to view in Google Earth.

Interactive Google Map

Snorkelling at Koh Bon

Snorkel Tours Starting from Khao Lak

Our Similan snorkeling tour starts from Tap Lamu Pier, a short drive from Khao Lak. We depart in the evening and head out to Koh Bon in the Similan Islands National Park. The captain will find a nice, calm mooring to spend our first night aboard the MV Reggae Queen.

We wake up and spend our first morning at Koh Bon. The Bay at Koh Bon provides the perfect safe, confined area for our first outing into the water. There will be breakfast and another snorkel stop at Koh Bon. After the morning exploring Koh Bon we will have worked up quite an appetite and will be looking forward to our first tasty Thai lunch onboard.

On to Koh Tachai

After lunch the Reggae Queen takes us to Koh Tachai, one of the most beautiful islands in the Similan Marine National Park. Andaman Snorkel Discovery is the only snorkel tour operator that stops at Koh Tachai. The southern tip of Koh Tachai is called “Koh Tachai Pinnacle” and with a bit of luck we might be able to snorkel with a Manta Ray, Whale Shark or hundreds of Barracuda. On the way to Koh Tachai you have time to relax on the sundeck, read or to take a nap.

After we have fully explored Koh Tachai, we then cruise further north to the Surin Islands where we will spend our second night on the boat. It will have been an exciting and fun packed first day on the boat, but rest assured there is more adventure to come with the prospect of waking up in the glorious Surin Islands.

Snorkel with whale sharks at Koh Tachai
Surin National Park sign

Exploring the Surin Islands

Waking up in the Surin Islands there is more of best snorkeling Thailand has to offer before we visit the Moken village. As this will be the last night aboard the MV Reggae Queen we have a barbeque on board the boat.

Saving the best till last, we snorkel some more at the Surin Islands before heading back to Kura Buri. Arriving at Kura Buri there is a short transfer back to Khao Lak where we started.

Similan and Surin Snorkeling Tours Starting from Kura Buri

Our Similan snorkeling tour starting from Kura Buri Pier follow the same route as our Similan snorkeling tour starting from Khao Lak, only the other way round. Kura Buri is about one hour drive from north Khao Lak.

Our SimilanNational Park and Surin Islands snorkeling tour ends at Tap Lamu Pier, just a short 15 minute drive away from Khao Lak.

Snorkelling group at Kura Buri