Don’t be afraid of seasickness

Don’t be afraid of seasickness

Last Sunday we started the second snorkelling trip of the season. My last and first trip was only two days / one-night trip – but this one was a longer one: We are stayed on the boat for three nights, so for four days. If I looked forward to joining the trip? Well, to be honest, I had different feelings.

Much rain, strong current, high waves,…

Our "Dingi-driver" Nai

Our “Dingi-driver” Nai

Let me explain to you. Before we started the trip, we checked the weather conditions. Strong current, much rain and big waves up to 1,5 meters should come up – wow. Because I got a bit seasick on the last trip already (where we had about 0,8-meter waves only), I had mixed emotions to join the Reggae Queen.  I was worried about to get seasick on the boat without having an opportunity to leave. It can also be expressed by, let us say “to be in the prison of the paradise”.

Seeing the glass as “half full” and not “half empty” helps…

The only solution: Taking a pill to prevent myself from seasickness and staying positive! And that is what I did! Instead of being pessimistic I just decided to not complain and tried to make the most and the best of the time. Only these positive thoughts helped me so much to embrace the trip. Do you know the quote “Happiness is a decision of life?”. I think it is.

Be optimistic and make the most of it…

Our Reggae queen - setted safely in the calm water.

Our Reggae Queen – located safely in the calm water.

To be honest with you: Even with my positive mind – it did not all go well, and I got a bit sick on the first two hours on the boat. The water was rough, very rough. Also, the guests did not feel well at the beginning. Anyway, my mind stayed positive so I did not complain and tried to tell the guests that everybody will feel better soon. And luckily, I was right: As soon as we arrived the spot where we would spend the night, the rain stopped and the water calmed down.

Therefore, we spend a very nice evening with good chats, nice reggae music and a lot of good vibes! A few Tiger beers and a glass of red vine for the ladies made us to forget the rough start of the trip very fast. Everybody went to sleep around 11:30 pm.

Snorkeling sessions at its best…

corals underwater andaman sea

The underwater life is a blast!

After a nice breakfast with eggs, bacon and homemade bread, we went snorkelling which was so awesome! I just have to repeat this again and again: I love to be underwater, to observe the sea life, to dive deep and to get close to all the lovely animals near the ground. I can be so lucky to have this job on the boat – it is a real-life experience I will never forget. By the way, if your seasickness just do not get better – please do not do the mistake to skip the snorkeling sessions. They really help you to find the balance and make you feel better.

Different people? Different trip!

Great to meet these spanish & american guys!

Great to meet these spanish & american guys!

Beside working underwater there is also one more thing I really like on boat trips: You never know what you will expect the next days. Well, the schedule of a snorkelling trip or the activities are usually not that different: You go snorkelling a few times a day, you go to the islands to enjoy nice beaches, you eat well on the boat and you have time to relax on the sundeck. But still, every trip is so different because you are always on the boa t with totally different people.

That is what I really like: The guests get picked up from the hotel as strangers, but already after one evening you get to know them so well and make friends with them. It is very interesting to get to know the people with their different perspectives of life. I really feel like every trip open my mind a bit more – so cool!

To sum up: Do not be afraid to get seasick!

Underwater life of the Andaman Sea.

Underwater life of the Andaman Sea.

All I said in this post is my own perspective. But I am pretty sure that also the guests will agree with a lot of things I told you. Like the fact of changing your attitude in terms of seasickness – I think a lot of guests feel better if they just k    eep thinking that they will be fine after a few wavy hours. Changing your mind from “being caught on the boat” to “let us make the most of the time” really affected my mind. And I think I am not the only one.

Are you scared to get seasick on the boat? Try it out! Join one of our trips and.. do not forget to stay positive! =)