Schnorcheln an Thailands besten Schnorchelplätzen

To snorkel Thailand’s reefs is like being in another world

Andaman Snorkel Discovery’s snorkel liveaboard boat offers you the chance to snorkel Thailand’s best destinations. Thailand in general is a great location for snorkelling. Both in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

Warm, clear waters are teeming with exotic tropical fish. There are colourful corals and giant seafans forming wonderful scenery underwater. To snorkel Thailand’s reefs is like being in another world. If you have never snorkelled before in tropical waters then it is an amazing experience.

Many refer to it being like in a BBC or National Geographic nature documentary.

The Similan Islands make for best Thailand Snorkeling

The Similan and Surin Islands

If you want to snorkel Thailand’s best, then the Similan Islands and Surin Islands are the place go. The Similan and Surin Islands are situated off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. Khao Lak is considered the best starting point to experience these fantastic islands.

The Islands are approximately 65kms from the mainland. Due to their location, far from land, the conditions are perfect for snorkeling. The water visibility is generally very clear, the islands are not affected by rivers flowing from the mainland. Open ocean currents supply the ecosystem with nutrient rich food, sometimes enough to bring in Giant manta rays and whale sharks. Both locations are also Marine National Parks. This is why the Similans Islands all the way up to the  Surin Islands are considered to be the best in snorkel spots in Thailand.

Koh Bon and Koh Tachai

Travelling north from the Similan Islands to the Surin Islands there are two more islands in between. Koh Bon comes first, then Koh Tachai. These two islands each have their own qualities making them unique. Koh Bon is well known for frequent sightings of Giant manta rays (Manta birostris).

Koh Tachai is less visited than it’s popular neighbours and therefore has a more undisturbed feel to it. Both islands belong to the Similan Islands Marine National Park.

A Giant Manta Ray at Koh Bon
Snorkelling Thailand's best destinations

Snorkel Thailand’s best

To snorkel Thailand’s best locations it would be hard to make the choice of which islands to visit. Snorkelling each destination on four consecutive days as day trips would be a time consuming part of your holiday. Not to mention uncomfortable transfer to and from the islands on cramped speedboats. Also, some of the Islands are not offered as a regular day trip.

To fully experience the most from these great Thailand snorkel spots, our snorkeling liveaboard is the best way. Our snorkel liveaboard departs in the evening so the next day you wake up around the beautiful islands. Over the next three days we cover all the highlights from the Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and the Surin Islands.

on our Similan Snorkeling Liveaboard

As well as snorkeling Thailand’s best sites there is plenty of time for beach visits or simply to relax rocking gently on the boat. We serve delicious Thai food and our staff are always on hand to make sure you have a fun and unforgettable time. Even if you don’t see yourself as the most enthusiastic snorkeller there is plenty to offer on our snorkel liveaboard.

There is an abundance of nature to marvel at on the Surin Islands and Koh Tachai. We even throw in some cultural experiences too. You will get the chance to visit the Moken who inhabit the Surin Islands and learn something of their culture and folklore. We have even been know to participate in classes in the small school on the island!

Relaxing beach time on a swing

More about our best Snorkelling Destinations

Koh Bon

Koh Bon liegt zwischen den bekannten Similan Inseln und Koh Tachai und ist lokal als die mittlere Insel bekannt. Koh Bon unterscheidet sich in seiner Beschaffenheit grundlegend von den Similan Inseln, die Insel hat einen anderes Aussehen und einen ganz anderen Charakter. Koh Bon ist auch von großer Bedeutung für den größten Rochen, der durch thailändisches Gewässer zieht.

Surin Inseln

Die Surin Inseln werden oft von ihren berühmten Nachbarn, den Similan Inseln überschattet. Für Schnorchler haben die Surin Inseln tatsächlich aber viel mehr Anziehungskraft. In den warmen, flachen Gewässern, die die Inseln umgeben, gibt es ausgedehnte Riffökosysteme. Die Surin Inseln haben sich einen Namen als die besten Schnorchelgründe Thailands gemacht.

Koh Tachai

Koh Tachai ist die nördlichste Insel, bevor wir die Surin Inseln erreichen. Wie bei den Similan Inseln finden wir hier riesige Granitblöcke und dichter tropischer Regenwald domminiert die Landschaft umgeben vom türkisfarbenen, warmen Wasser der Andamanensee. Der Strand von Koh Tachai ist der schönste im ganzen Similan Nationalpark.