Myanmar Snorkel South Tour Itinerary

We are extremely excited about our South Myanmar snorkel tour

At Andaman Snorkel Discovery will always strive to provide the best itineraries for our Andaman snorkel tours, very carefully taking into consideration avoiding busy snorkel sites and including less well known spots that hold some hidden gems.

With this in mind we are extremely excited to introduce our South Myanmar snorkel tour for 2018-2019. A tour that will take us to undiscovered snorkel spots, to an area of breathtaking beauty and where we will certainly avoid the crowds.

This Myanmar snorkelling tour explores the southern areas of the Mergui Archipelago.

Skunk Anemone Fish

An Exclusive Tour to the Mergui Archipelago

It has always been a source of great pride at Andaman Snorkel Discovery to offer exclusive destinations to our guests. We are still the only snorkel liveaboard to visit the Surin Islands in Thailand. We are also the first Thai snorkel liveaboard to head north into Myanmar.

Our Southern Mergui Archipelago snorkelling tour opens up almost endless possibilities of discovery. There are a vast number of uninhabited islands with potential snorkel spots, beautiful scenery and abundant nature, both below and above the surface. We will snorkel at a secret lagoon known as the Emerald Heart and also visit pristine white sandy beaches at Davis Island and Horseshoe Island.


Snorkel spots where nobody else goes and discover new spots

Enjoy exciting underwater wildlife encounters at the Emerald Heart

Visit Kaw Thaung and explore the bustling markets of this busy border town

Relax on our boat as we cruise through breathtaking scenery

Visit deserted sandy beaches for nature watching, exploration and relaxation

Enjoy a barbecue on the beach with fish caught fresh that day by the local Moken

Myanmar Snorkel South Tour Dates

November 2018

22 - 27 November 2018

January 2019

24 - 29 January 2019

March 2019

21 - 26 March 2019

Your Adventure Starts

Day One – Thursday

Heading to remote areas like the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar requires an early start. We will meet at the Andaman Snorkel Discovery office at 06:00 to begin our transfers to Ranong, which will take around 3.5 hours before we embark on the MV Reggae Queen.

Whilst welcoming you aboard, staff will complete formalities with Thai Immigration, checking you out of Thailand. During the short cruise to Kaw Thaung, Myanmar we will serve lunch.

Once we are cleared by Myanmar Immigration we will weight anchor and cruise to St. Matthews Island, the largest island in the southern reaches of the Mergui Archipelago.  There is a Myanmar Naval Base on the island, but snorkelling the outer reefs of the island is permitted.

We will hold a short introduction about the Mergui Archipelago and some of the special areas we will be snorkelling during the trip. After a briefing and instructions on how to use the snorkel equipment it is time to hit the water and get our first impressions of the fantastic underwater world of the Mergui Archipelago in a small bay to the east of St. Matthews Island.  Back on board you can enjoy all the comforts of the boat and end the day enjoying a cool beer or cocktail on the sun deck.

Dinner is served at 19:00, the Reggae Queen will remain anchored in the bay overnight.

Snorkeling the pristine reefs at St Matthews Island

Day Two - Friday

07:30 Breakfast is served whilst the Reggae Queen cruises along the spectacular coast of St. Matthews Island to a small, secluded sandy beach. Snorkel stop for approximately 1 hour. Afterwards we will cruise to St. Matthews South Bay.

13:00 Lunch is served followed by a short break. Then is it time to explore South Bay’s reef with a snorkel stop for approximately 1 hour.

Afterwards we cruise to West Bay, an impressively huge bay on the West side of St. Matthews Island. Here we will discover untouched coral reefs with large fan corals and countless colourful fish as well as an uninhabited, lonely snow-white sandy beaches. The snorkel time is again around 1 hour.

19:00 Dinner is served. The Reggae Queen will remain anchored in the bay overnight.

Day Three - Saturday

07:30 Breakfast is served on-board the Reggae Queen. The boat will stay in West Bay for the morning where we will make two snorkel stops and visit one of the pristine beaches. After lunch, we weigh anchor and leave West Bay behind us cruising south-west to our next destination, Davis Island. Here we will make our third snorkel stop and visit the beach during the afternoon.

19:00 Dinner is served. The Reggae Queen will remain anchored to the east of Davis Island so we can enjoy a cosy evening with cool drinks recounting the experiences we have shared so far.

Safety factor:

In order for our days to run smoothly we have a rough schedule for each day of the trip. The schedule states when we will snorkel, when food will be served plus any other activity we have planned for that day.

However, in order for our days to run safely we may have to adjust the schedule depending on environmental conditions including the weather, wind and waves at sea and the tides which affect the currents at our snorkel spots. These factors are often out of our control but we must take them seriously, your safety on board is our number one concern.

We make every effort to plan our day around forecast conditions but we can not provide exact information and precise timings when dealing with mother nature.

Please note our Myanmar itinerary covers a much wider area than our Thailand trips so timing is important if we are to cover the longer distances between snorkel spots.

Approaching the Emerald Heart in Myanmar

Day Four - Sunday

07:30 Breakfast is served whilst the Reggae Queen cruises to the Emerald Heart, an island that resembles a great rock rising vertically out of the water. On the south-west side of the island there is an entrance, only visible at low tide, that leads to a hidden lagoon within the island.

We will snorkel along the outer rocky wall of the island and discover beautiful soft corals in the crystal clear waters whilst making our way to the secret lagoon entrance. In the shallow waters of the ‘grotto’ like entrance way there are various types of soft corals and fan corals, as well as juvenile black-tip reef sharks, in the midst of innumerable tropical fish.

The Emerald Heart

Once inside the island, we find ourselves in a large, heart-shaped lagoon with steep limestone walls that tower straight up into the sky. The island takes its name from the shape and green waters of the lagoon and is a truly stunning sight. After lunch we will cruise to the most westerly point of our Mergui Archipelago expedition, Shark Cave.

Do not let the name worry you, Shark Cave is just a rock formation west of St. Matthews Island and is characterised by it’s excellent diversity of fish life found here. As well as countless fish of all sizes there are also huge fan corals in various colours. Our snorkel stop here is approximately 1 hour. Afterwards we will continue on to Horseshoe Island, where we will anchor for the night.

19:00 Dinner is served and there is another great opportunity to relax and socialise with fellow guests onboard the MV Reggae Queen.

Inside the Emerald Heart

Day Five - Monday

07:30 Breakfast is served on-board the Reggae Queen. The boat will stay around Horseshoe Island for a morning of relaxing, swimming and beach time in a small bay with a snow-white sandy beach amidst high limestone rocky cliffs. The island has an idyllic, almost dreamy feeling about it and boasts fabulous flora and fauna.

During lunch we will cruise to our final snorkel stop of the tour before we make our way back to Kaw Thaung, which is approximately 4 hours away. After dinner on board the Reggae Queen we head ashore to experience the hustle and bustle of the city’s small harbour area by night.

Day Six - Tuesday

07:30 Breakfast is served onboard the Reggae Queen. Whilst Myanmar Immigration complete the formalities for our departure there is time to further explore Kaw Thaung with it’s shops, local markets and temples. The Reggae Queen then sets out for Thailand. While local Thai Immigration process our guests back into Thailand our kitchen crew serve a last delicious Thai lunch. After lunch we say goodbye to the Reggae Queen and her crew as we disembark for the return transfer to Khao Lak, which will take around 3.5 hours.

The jetty at Kaw Thaung in Myanmar