Our Snorkelling Liveaboard Trip

We would love to have you aboard

Is Our Snorkelling Liveaboard Trip the RIGHT Trip for YOU?

Well firstly, we really hope so! We would love to have you aboard for one of our fantastic adventures to the Surin Islands, Koh Bon and Koh Tachai.


If you have never spent a few days on a relatively small boat we feel we should let you know exactly what it will be like. It is not the same as a comfortable hotel on land though we do feel it is much more exciting. Just to make sure you are making the right choice when booking one of our tours please carefully read our recommendations and also our boat rules to make sure it is really the trip for you.

We always strive to do our very best for each and every one of our guests and this is much more achievable if we all start off with a mutual understanding of the nature of our snorkelling trip.


Following are some important facts and recommendations about our snorkelling tour. Some may seem obvious, especially if you have spent time both in Thailand and on overnight boat trips. Some rules may even sound strict, but there are always rules on boats where ever you travel around the world.

Everything we mention is FOR YOUR SAFETY, you well being, the well being of your fellow guests and crew and to ensure a happy atmosphere on board our snorkelling liveaboard. We just want to talk straight with you.

Snorkeller at the SImilan Islands

We take our snorkelling seriously. We also take having fun as a group and relaxing and eating delicious Thai food on board the MV Reggae Queen seriously too. If there’s anything we can help you with…

Diving into the Andaman Sea

Be of Reasonable Physical Fitness

There is plenty of time for relaxation on our snorkelling tour but some activities can be strenuous. After our snorkel stops or when we visit the beach you will have to climb into our support dingy. This usually is not a problem but we will be in the ocean and the ocean can often make things more difficult with waves and current.

When boarding or disembarking from our liveaboard on departure or upon return we sometimes have to climb over other boats. This is common in Thailand as boat trips are popular and several boats share the same pier.

Of course our attentive Thai crew are always on hand to assist you in the more strenuous activities but you must be responsible for yourself at all times. We mean this with sincere intentions, if you require four members of our crew to lift you aboard the boat you have chosen the wrong holiday activity.

We do not recommend you join our tour if you are physically or mentally handicapped, are unhealthily overweight, have a heart condition, are in the later stages of pregnancy, are younger than 7 years old or older than 70 years of age. Of course there are exceptions, if you are in any doubt please ask us.

Be a Good Swimmer and
Preferably with some Snorkelling Experience

To participate in all our snorkelling activities you will need to be a good swimmer. If not you will be limited to our easier snorkel spots and beach activities. Our snorkelling tour differs from the usual snorkel trips on offer, the “everyone can join” speedboat snorkel tours.

We do not throw our guests in the water and let them snorkel round the boat in a circle for 20 minutes. Our snorkel stops are more challenging with drift snorkeling and free diving for a duration of 45 – 60 minutes.

Dingy to the snorkel spots

We always have a support dinghy on standby close by to our snorkelers. This is not only for safety reasons, you can jump aboard and take a rest if needed but please do not expect the other snorkellers to cut short their session if you find the going tough.

enjoying the food on the reggae queen

Be Sociable, Helpful and Considerate with your Fellow Guests and Crew

We will be spending three days at sea with all guests and crew living in close proximity to each other. Our boat does have several areas to serve different activities on board but you will find you are never truly alone on a boat. It is our own small community and harmonious community spirit is what really matters.

We want you all to feel like you are at home on our snorkel liveaboard the MV Reggae Queen so to that end we ask you to act and treat our boat like you would your home.

Our cook works hard and will keep you well feed throughout the duration of the trip, rest assured on this. If you can help set your own place at the table and clear away your plates after eating she has more time to keep on cooking.

We provide you with top quality snorkel equipment and try to kit out our boat with amenities to make your stay more comfortable. Please take care of your equipment, your cabin and bathrooms so we can ensure the next guests receive the same quality.

The same applies to the environment. We will take you to stunning snorkel spots and beautiful beaches. You will marvel at the diversity of nature and wildlife. But we must respect these fragile Eco-systems, what we see is not there simply for our pleasure. These Eco-systems play their part in a much larger picture, helping to keep our planet healthy and in balance. We must therefore preserve them as we find them.

Please listen carefully when we cover the rules about this and then adhere to them through out your entire trip.

Remember, we will be spending our entire time within Marine National Park Boundaries which impose the same strict rules on how we interact with the environment. Breaking National Park rules can result in fines, possibly even imprisonment and certainly a transfer back to the main at your own expense.

Be Easygoing, nature-loving and
please do not expect too much

Our boat, the MV Reggae Queen is a reasonable size, it’s practical and comfortable but please don’t expect the luxury that would be offered on a 5*yacht!! A trip with us is like “camping on the sea”.

The cabins and beds on board provide you with the facilities to get a good nights sleep after a day of sunshine and activities so you are well rested for the next day’s adventure. We have small cabins and basic toilets but everything is clean, practically furnished and more than sufficient for a boat trip in our price range. Our cabins are not comparable to a hotel room, as the word liveaboard suggests, having a cabin allows you to simply live a board a boat.

fun on Koh Tachai Beach

Please do not expect a 24 hour butler and room service. If you are looking for luxury and high-class boat interiors you will need to search for a trip in a much higher price range.

happy on Koh Tachai Beach

Be Flexible and Spontaneous

Please do not expect us to keep a stringent timetable throughout the day.

In order for our days to run smoothly we have a rough schedule for each day of the trip. The schedule states when we will snorkel, when food will be served plus any other activity we have planned for that day.

However, in order for our days to run safely we may have to adjust the schedule depending on environmental conditions including the weather, wind and waves at sea and the tides which affect the currents at our snorkel spots. These factors are often out of our control but we must take them seriously, your safety on board is our number one concern.

We make every effort to plan our day around forecast conditions but we can not provide exact information and precise timings when dealing with mother nature.

Please be flexible and understand that sometimes changes to the schedule are necessary, it is never intended to be a disruption to our planned day but to make the day the best, safest day possible.

There may even be spontaneous changes to the schedule. We may hear of interesting marine life at a particular spot and decide to head there instead of our planned snorkel spot. Again these changes are to enhance your experiences onboard our liveaboard boat.

This is the way we run our tours, this is what makes us different from all the rest and this flexible, spontaneous way is one of the things our guests love the most.

Be Attentive at Briefings and On Time for Planned Activities

We have just 3 days to show you the best snorkelling and beaches in the Andaman Sea.

Our guides will give thorough briefings about boat safety, about daily life on board the boat and about the snorkel sites we will visit during our snorkel tour. To ensure you safety and well being whilst at sea it is imperative that you listen to all the information. We take a maximum of 18 guests from all corners of the globe. To that end some briefings maybe conducted in several languages and take a little more time. Please be patient and remain attentive. On occasion we have received complaints that guests were not given necessary information when in fact they were but were not listening during briefings.

Evening dinner on the Reggae Queen

The briefings are for your benefit and to ensure YOU get the most from our tour.

Our cook will keep you well fed with delicious Thai food throughout your time on the boat. We will notify you the times when meals will be served, but we will not chase you to join us. All meals are served buffet style. Please be on time for meals. If you are late for meals please don’t complain that the food is cold or your favourite dish is finished. Our cook is simply unable to offer a round the clock à la carte service, once on board we are sure you will agree she is already working wonders.

Punctuality is paramount when it comes to our snorkelling stops. Life on a boat is relaxing and carefree and we like to keep this feeling when running our schedule. To avoid activities being rushed or cut short we like to be well prepared ahead of time. We can prepare in a leisurely manner but when it is time to hit the water we must be ready. Some guests will be very keen to start their next snorkel adventure and its unfair to keep our fellow companions waiting. We may also miss the optimum conditions and jumping in late has a knock on effect with subsequent activities.

Please remember this is a snorkelling tour, our main objective, so be punctual with our snorkelling times. Don’t worry there’s plenty of relaxation time in between too.

Thanks for Your Understanding

Thank you for taking the time to read about what’s in store on our snorkelling tour and we hope to welcome you aboard soon. Now you know the complete picture lets kick back, relax and share some wonderful adventures both on the sea and in the sea.

If you have any doubts about our tour…